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April 1, 2015

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

When Columbus made his landfall in the Caymans in 1503, he found tortoises and sea turtles in such profusion that he promptly named the islands Las Tortugas. But the name that stuck for the islands was the Carib word "Caimanas." Fitting, since the caiman is a New World crocodilian and the islands were long the lair of pirates, buccaneers, and assorted freebooters. The Caymans are a Caribbean paradise of white-sand beaches, coral gardens, and offshore waters harboring spectacular shipwrecks.

Stingray Encounter, Reef, Snorkel, Beach & Lunch

We spent the day swimming with stingrays at Stingray City. They were awesome and swam right up to us.  Carol fed one of the stingrays and he left her a present!  A very nice bruise on her hand because she held onto his food (squid) too tightly.  We then headed to Rum Point Beach for lunch, snorkeling and just general relaxation.   

Below are pictures of Rum Point Beach.  At the very bottom of this page are 2 videos.  The first shows what we saw underwater and the second shows Carol holding a stingray!!

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Carol holds a stringray

Swimming with stingrays



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