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Cruise # 39: Eastern/Southern Voyager

April 30 - May 10, 2024

Ship: Emerald Princess

Cabin : D417 / M1 (club class mini suite)


Date Description Start End
Apr 30 Fort Lauderdale 3:00PM
May 01 Princess Cays 9:00AM 4:00PM
May 02 At Sea
May 03 St Thomas 10:00AM 10:00PM
May 04 St Maarten 8:00AM 6:00PM
May 05 Antigua 8:00AM 6:00PM
May 06 St Kitts 8:00AM 6:00PM
May 07 Tortola 7:00AM 4:00PM
May 08 At Sea
May 09 At Sea
May 10 Fort Lauderdale 7:00AM

Video: Heads up!  Incoming.....  St. Maarten   

Video: St. Kitts departure



The largest of the British Leeward Islands, Antigua (pronounced an-tee-ga) boasts one of the Caribbean's most spectacular coastlines with secluded coves and sun drenched beaches. The island's rolling hills are dotted with stone sugar mills, relics from the bygone era when sugar was king. Historic Nelson's Dockyard, where Admiral Horatio Nelson quartered his fleet in 1784, attests to Antigua's long and colorful nautical history during colonial times. And St. John's, the island's bustling capital, offers visitors a wealth of boutiques, restaurants and pubs.

St Kitts:

We've been here many times so we actually repeated an excursion we did 8 years ago and really enjoyed.


Local Connections: Caribbean Culinary Demonstration & Tastings With Chef
There are never too many cooks in this kitchen! The Fairview Great House is your host for an intimate demonstration of the best of Caribbean cuisine. After a short drive, you'll arrive at this picturesque setting and be introduced to a historian cook who will discuss regional foods, share old and new recipes, and talk about the development of delicious dishes that combine Old and New World ingredients with African, European and Indian cooking methods. After watching this skilled chef in action, feast on the wonderful dishes. You will be given a copy of the recipes to take home. After the demonstration, browse locally made handcrafts and explore the Great House itself. The main floor is furnished in authentic colonial style, and the second floor veranda affords a panoramic view of the Caribbean Sea and neighboring island. At the completion of this delicious day, return to port.


St Kitts

The pilot boat guiding the Emerald Princess into the St. Kitts cruse port.

St Kitts

St Kitts

Look at that handsome dude!!

St Kitts

The shore of St. Kitts

St Kitts

Don't know how I missed it but I didn't see the rainbow until after I took the picture. Belissimo!

St Kitts

The pier. Hey! Is that a duck in the clouds?

St Kitts

We attended a culinary demonstration in St. Kitts. This is the sous chef.

St Kitts

And this is our chef. What's on the menu? Rice, Vegetables, Grouper and Bread Pudding. Yum!

St Kitts

This is the view of the ocean from the Fairview Great House.

St Kitts

Celebrity Solstice.

St Kitts

The sky is beautiful above the Celebrity Solstice.

St Kitts

Lou on our balcony with the Celebrity Solstice in the background. They were rocking it out with really, really, really loud music.


Tortola, British Virgin Islands:

Once known as a hideaway for pirates and freebooters, the British Virgin Islands (BVI) are today a lure for sun worshippers and yachtsmen alike. Constant trade winds along the Sir Francis Drake Channel make for ideal sailing conditions, while the secluded beaches, incredible vistas, and friendly inhabitants make the islands a wonderful place to visit. Tortola, the largest island in the BVI, is home to Road Town, the islands' capital. Browse the many small shops, enjoy a drink at a harbor café, or simply relax on the spectacular beach at Cane Garden Bay. The island's mountainous terrain makes for fabulous views. On a clear day, you can glimpse the U.S. Virgin Islands. For a real treat, take a ferry across the channel to Virgin Gorda, home of the famous Baths. At this unique beach, gigantic boulders create secluded coves and form picturesque grottos.


Fort Lauderdale (first day of the cruise - April 30, 2024)

George ran into an old friend (Doug) that he met in Kuala Lumpur a couple of years ago. They were thick as theives the rest of the cruise.

Crown Grill

Our first dinner in the Crown Grill with our traveling companions, Elaine, George T., Liz and George H.

Crown Grill

St Thomas

May 3, 2024 in St. Thomas.

St Maarten

May 4th in St. Maarten. We always love going to this restaurant to watch the planes land at the airport.

St Maarten


This is our second time in Tortola. The island is beautiful.


Carol and Elaine at our second visit to the Crown Grill. Carol looks like she is pouting because George T. tried to steal her lobster. LOL!

Elaine and George. Dessert at the Crown Grill.

Mr. Hill and Miz Liz at the Crown Grill. They look like satisfied customers to us!


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