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May 3, 2005

Cliff Divers

Here we are, settled in chairs in a restaurant, ready to see the famous cliff divers.
There is a guy climbing the cliff.  He is about 1/3 of the way up.
Here are the divers, hanging out at the top.  The blue tile is a shrine to the Virgin Mary.  They ask for her protection before they dive. Now, no one has ever been killed doing this, so it must work.
Here's a closer view.

Ok, no one has ever been killed, but there are more than a couple of bandages on these guys.

Lou caught this diver just as he leapt off the cliff.  Perfect!


Near the bottom of the picture, you can see the white banner with the blue star.  That is the same banner as in the picture above, with the guy diving.
This is the restaurant where we went to watch the divers.
Much later on our bus tour, we passed by this area which our driver called the Beverly Hills of Acapulco.  No one knows for sure which famous people live here, except for the lawyers.
Here is a look back into town.
This is a completely different bay.


We had lunch at the Acapulco Mayan Palace.  Here you can see the manmade lagoon, the bright blue water of the "mile long" pool, and then the ocean in the distance.  Very cool place!
Statue with water fountain.  We were wandering around waiting for lunch.
Here's that mile long pool again.  It was about 3 feet deep everywhere.  At the far far end, there was a kiddie area with a circular canal and a current, so you got swept along.  There were a lot of screaming kiddies having fun so we stayed in the calm area.
The grounds were beautiful.  This is a timeshare property.  I wondered how the paying guests felt when we all showed up.  It's a huge place, though, so we might not even have been noticeable.
People were riding in paddle boats through the canals.
Here on the right you can see a glimpse of the kiddie river with current.
This is the front of the Mayan Palace.
Ah, palm trees.  That's how you know you are on vacation.


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