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May  2, 2005
Here is the Regal Princess docked in Huatulco, Mexico.
We walked into town instead of paying $3 for a taxi.  It was good exercise, and exciting, because we really did not know where to go.  We just headed out of town on the one road.  We had heard that it would take 30 minutes.

A very thin older couple passed us and asked if we were going to town.  They said that they had been told to go left at the rotary to get to Huatulco.  We trailed along behind them for a long time, till they sort of panicked and stopped to ask directions.  We kept going and made it to town before them.  Drenched in sweat. But triumphant.

Here is the plaza in the center of town.  The fountain is dry.

There were a lot of little shops.  We bought Patsy a dress.  We stopped for drinks in a little restaurant, and we took the ice from my Coke and put it on our heads.

Then we basically gave up, hopped into a taxi, and went back to the ship.  Lou took these pictures while Karen shopped in the Maria Bonita store by the dock.
Karen almost bought some black clay pottery made locally, but for some reason just did not buy anything.
Here are more pictures of the bay where we were docked.
This is the pilot's boat.  The local pilot is on board, piloting us out of the bay.
Nice rocks.
So it is getting close to the time when these guys have to retrieve the pilot from our ship.  They just came up close along side us, and the pilot climbed down a ladder on the side of the Regal Princess and jumped onto this little boat.  One of the guys grabbed him.  Then they sped away.


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