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April 28 2005

Panama City

This is our guide, Renaldo, leaning into a 3-dimensional display pf the second colonial period of the city.
Here is a close-up of some of the little houses.
All that remains of the first colonial period of the city are stone ruins.  We were there at night, and the ruins are all lit up with spotlights.  It was beautiful.

This is a church tower.  You can see that there is scaffolding on one side of the tower.

Here is the far side of that tower.  We were standing in what used to be the inside of the church, near the sacristy, when Lou took the picture.
We both remember hearing that the white towers were added much later, but we cannot remember what this building is.
This colorful blur is the Bridge of the Americas, all lit up at night.  Sort of like an impressionist painting.


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