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Costa Rica

April 30, 2005


This picture was taken about halfway through our walk in the rain forest.  The group had stopped to take a break on a platform high in the canopy of the trees, when like good tourists we all offered to take each other's pictures.
This is Empy, our guide.  She had an amazing grasp of all the plants and trees we saw.  She was fantatical about finding little creatures and birds and making sure everyone knew where to look.

She lives with her mother and has a sister in San Jose, California.

This is a really tricky picture.  Almost all the way at the top of the leftmost tree trunk, you can see a splotch of blue -- a parrot!  And midway between the two trunks, at the level of the lower wire, there is also a red parrot.
A look into the distance...
It was really hot, but most of this walk was through the cool shady forest.
Here is our first look at the suspended cable bridges.  They were as high as 126 feet off the ground, and they allowed us to hang out in the canopy of the rain forest.

There were four bridges.

You had to lightly grab the railing as you walked along to keep your balance because the whole bridge tended to dip and sway.  It was pretty fun for the first three bridges...
There were many huge trees.
We got some pretty glimpses of the surrounding hills.
Shades of Tarzan!  There were thin gangly trees that looks like vines to swing on.
Jo (blue shirt) and her husband John (maroon shirt) went up on stage for the Newlywed Game.  Oh the things they disclosed!
There is a little brown lizard in this picture.  His pointy little nose is almost exactly in the center of this photo.  He's looking off to the right.
Here is another view of a suspended cable bridge.
The "cords" wrapped around this treetrunk are the roots of another tree which is growing on top of this tree.

A bird probably "deposited" the seed for the new tree on top of the original tree a long time ago.

Orange and blue parrot.
Pura Vida Garden
Hey, orange and blue parrot again.
Strange leggy red flowering plants.
At this point, we have had a lovely lunch at the Pura Vida Gardens and recuperated sufficiently to wander around the grounds.
This is a waterfall.
We walked down a very steep path to reach an overlook with beautiful views.
A toucan in the tree!

We have a few pictures of this guy.

He is nibbling at a shoot growing off of the branch he's standing on.
Orange and blue guy again.
Such a happy looking guy!
Karen fell asleep on the bus ride home.  She woke up with Lou saying, "Come on, let's get off the bus!"

We had parked near a bridge over a river filled with crocodiles!

The hot sun had dried the mud on all the exposed parts, so they looked chaulky.
This picture is full of glare, but it shows how many crocs  there were, all clustered together. 

They were all motionless, letting the waves lap at them, until the huge one in the lower left corner moved.  He set off a chain reaction -- and they all started moving.  Mostly they seemed to be getting out of the big guy's way.

It was seriously creepy when they are shifted position.


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